We design static systems consisting of washing, drying, coating and curing. We supply complete systems or single parts.
The complete manual system is supplied with a hanger system that simplifies the process phases as well as the handling operations of the metal objects to be coated.
Each system is designed according to the size of the pieces and faithful to Euroimpianti's construction philosophy: each part is modular to allow future modifications and additions.

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Our automatic systems are characterized by attention to energy consumption: each coating system is designed with new technologies aimed at reducing thermal and electrical consumption.
Our system range allows us to cover all industrial sectors related to the production of metal objects where coating is required: horizontal and compact systems, monorail and double-rail systems.

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We produce vertical powder coating systems for coating aluminium profiles or other ferrous materials. Our vertical systems are constructed with top quality materials and fitted with the latest generation technologies.
They are supplied with a 4.0 supervision software which, in addition to ensuring remote assistance, detects and records all operating and process parameters.

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