icon Curing

To solidify and adhere to surfaces, the coat must be polymerized in the oven at stable temperature, for an appropriate period of time. For optimal results, the temperature inside the oven must be uniform and air circulation constant.

Bell-Shaped Polymerization Oven

This indirectly heated oven is designed with the combustion chamber positioned below the piece passage chamber. The bell shape allows hot air to stay inside naturally. Suitable when the pieces hanging from the conveyor have a volume that allows ascents and descents in the path of the overhead conveyor.

Air Curtain Polymerization Oven

The air curtains, properly sized according to the speed and size of the passage, form a forced air wall with the aim of keeping the heat inside and avoiding waste of thermal energy. We make sure that no colour contamination occurs between different batches, by properly separating the inlet and outlet from the oven.

Static Ovens

Forced air circulation ovens consist of two separate areas: the work chamber where the pieces are housed and an indirect exchange heat generator. The material is introduced inside by means of trolleys or by integrating the structure of the oven with a system of tracks and overhead hangers. 

The service doors can be hinged or with sliding opening.