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Powder painting: traditional technological cycles 




Metal parts travels along a tunnel at a constant speed  passing in different stages of chemical treatment and washing / rinsing in a hot or ambient temperature water.

Parts remain for the necessary treatment time inside various booths equipped with robotized open/close door system. This phase is completely automatized.

Parts are degreased and manually washed using a lance for an adequate washing booth by one or more workers.


Metal parts travel along a ventilated oven  at a constant speed  until the surfaces get completely dry.

Metal parts enter a ventilated oven where the heat is uniformly distributed. The process is completely automatic.

Metal parts are placed into the oven at a temperature of 120°C until they get dry and ready to be coated.


Metal parts are painted with the electrostatic guns in the spray booth. When is required there's also a possibility to install manual stations for the retouching.

Metal parts go into the enclosed booth with the balanced air ventilation where one or more workers using manual guns apply the paint . In this booth various colors can be applied  at the same time.

Metal parts placed in the booth are painted manually by one or more workers by using electrostatic guns.


 Painted metal parts go into the polymerization oven, which is equipped  with a bell-shaped or air curtains devices in order to avoid the dispersion of heat. Normally the paint solidifies at about 200 ° C.

Treated metal parts go into the closed oven equipped with the automatic doors and  are heated at about 200 ° C, until the polymerization of the paint is done.

Metal parts are placed in the insulated oven at a temperature of about 200 ° C until the curing of paint is done.

An effective technological cycle, corresponding to the specific needs of the parts to be treated, is the first "rensponsible" of aeshtetic quality and durability of the surface treatment.

This is a short and non-exhaustive list of standard processes of traditional painting based on polyester powder in the chart given above. Described stages will be applied by the amount of paint used in time of processing and suitable chemical processing. By the way, every product has its own features like form, purpose of usage, demand meeting, operation time etc., which indicate the right mode of painting.


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