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Euro 90 is the system for the industrial powder coating of semi-finished and metal products with fully automated process phases, suitable for companies with mass production and for third-party coating operators who must guarantee their customers deliveries in short batch times, also conspicuous in numerical terms.

In the 90s, under the effect of a strong growth in the demand for powder coating plants in the market, the desire to mass-produce coating plants boosted Euroimpianti's engineering creativity.

Our technicians designed the first Euro 90 with the aim of optimizing their production process, without compromising on highly customized products. The coating system is built with standardized components for rapid delivery and with an unparalleled value for money.

This modular system for the industrial coating of iron and aluminium products is adapted to every need in terms of productivity and size of the pieces and consists of a complete cycle:

  • loading area
  • washing tunnel
  • drying oven with air curtains 
  • automatic powder coating booth 
  • curing oven
  • unloading area

The possibility of designing each single system starting from modular components, offers endless possibilities of configurations, while maintaining the advantages described below unaltered. Hence, different configurations will be designed according to the specific needs of lower or higher productivity, and according to the pieces to be coated.

One of the most significant features of this automatic coating system is the possibility of expanding the technological pre-treatment cycle: depending on the type of metal to be treated (iron, aluminium, etc.), the washing can be adapted to the expected chemical cycle. In fact, just a correct preparation of the surfaces of the pieces - given by the combination of chemical product, cycle, temperature and contact time - makes it possible to obtain the right qualitative yield of the finished product: mechanical resistance, corrosion resistance, brilliance and tonality.

The advantages

Quick installation. Thanks to the component standardization logic, which was already applied in the design phase, we are able to deliver very quickly. The operational phases of assembly, testing and training are also managed by our qualified technical staff.

Value for money. Being able to produce on the basis of standard components, thus significantly shortening design-production times, makes the Euro 90 system very competitive in terms of value for money. The experience acquired has also allowed continuous improvements to the coating system: serial production, stock components, absence of any production errors, delivery speed make the system absolutely reliable.

Spare parts ready for delivery. With hundreds of installations all over the world of complete systems of the Euro 90 Series, we can rely on a stock of spare parts ready for delivery.

State of the art system. Any Euro 90 is perfectly adaptable to changes over time. Every new technology and every improvement developed by our R&D department can be integrated on the existing coating lines. In addition to this, if the customer's production and productivity needs change over time, our technicians are able to propose the necessary adjustments to make changes, updates and the necessary replacements. Euro 90 is never obsolete.

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