Komby Multilinea

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The Komby Multilinea is the flexible manual coating system with the layout configurable according to the available space.

Suitable for small batch production and for those who need to make sure they can coat pieces of any size, shape and colour.

The coating system is modular and the main advantage is given by the possibility of carrying out all the operations simultaneously thanks to a system for loading pieces with manual hangers that can be moved smoothly through the central overhead bridge conveyor. 

The complete Multilinea system consists of at least 4 modules:

  • loading/unloading area  
  • washing booth 
  • drying/curing oven
  • powder coating booth

The operator hangs the piece (or pieces) to be treated on the hangers of the overhead conveyor. A central corridor, overlooked by the elements of the coating process, allows the hangers to slide and direct them in the space required to carry out the washing, drying, coating and curing operations. At the end of the cycle the pieces remain in line to cool in the unloading area. The unloading area can also be used as a storage space to optimize the oven loading and drying processes. 

With this system, by increasing the spaces available for hanging the pieces, the system is extremely flexible and allows more operators to work on different process phases. This allows the optimization of the time of use of the system and the consequent energy consumption thanks to the greater storage capacity.

When the customer needs to increase productivity or certain operations, the coating system integrates with additional modules depending on the purpose to be achieved: 

  • additional ovens
  • multiple storage stations
  • coating booths 
  • masking booths
  • and so on

Komby is also suitable for those who already have a system for continuous coating, but must give up larger pieces than usual due to a physical limitation of the system or when the small quantities of pieces to be treated are not profitable due to colour change times.

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