icon Hanging systems

Continuous, in steps, manual, variable speed feed. And again, with swivel hooks, with switches, with loading and unloading descenders. The overhead conveyor adapts to the process and productivity of the coating system. It is suitably designed to simplify loading, unloading and coating operations.

Monorail Overhead Conveyors

Among the simplest transport systems, the monorail overhead conveyor allows the pieces to be moved through the entire coating cycle according to a predetermined logical succession. The products are hooked into the loading area on fixed or rotating attachments at a fixed pitch, and follow the entire closed circuit of the conveyor until they reach the unloading area. By optimizing the loading operations and making the most of the conveyor capacity, the maximum productivity obtainable from the installation is guaranteed.

Manual Overhead Conveyors

Even when the coating process is done by means of a static system, it is possible to facilitate handling through a system of overhead tracks and sliding hangers. This allows operators to quickly move the pieces with customized times and cycles and use the system with maximum flexibility. To simplify loading and unloading, they can also be equipped with descent systems and semi-automatic or overhead bridge conveyors.

Birail Overhead Conveyors

The birail overhead conveyor allows you to drastically reduce the encumbrance in curves and allows the loading and unloading of the pieces with the hanger stationary. Another feature makes it possible to provide storage chambers in various areas of the system, increasing flexibility in managing the process. This finds its optimal application when it is necessary to handle pieces with relevant dimensions.

Conveyors for Vertical Systems

The vertical loading of profiles requires that the conveyor can accommodate profiles with as small a pitch as possible. Our overhead conveyors allow hanging pitches of 100, 133 and 200 mm. To facilitate operations at the beginning and at the end of the coating cycle (both of which are very important for maximizing the productivity of the system), each of our systems is equipped with special descenders, benches synchronized to the speed of the chain for hanging and dedicated benches for unloading.