icon Coating Application

The powder coat is applied manually or automatically by means of electrostatic guns. The application takes place in booths equipped with filtration and suction systems. 

Automatic Coating Booths

The powder coating booth is the heart of the system and it is the area where the powder is applied. Equipped with a filter and a cyclone for the recovery of the overspray, the coating booths are made of dielectric material which makes cleaning and colour change operations quick and simple.

The booths are sized and designed according to the type of system and the objects to be coated. 

Manual powder application booth

Quick to install and easy to use, these booths are equipped with self-cleaning filter cartridges and a suction system. The structure is built with modular panels in galvanized sheet.

They are ideal for manual coating.

Powder Center

Integrated in the automatic coating booths, the powder center allows faster colour changes and stable powder delivery.

The powder circuit is controlled completely automatically through a touch screen panel from which all operations are managed.

Object Recognition Barriers

The installation of optical systems for detecting the piece before entering the coating booth allows the reduction of the consumption of powder and the automation of the position and operation of the guns as well as the stroke and distance of the reciprocators. Thanks to the vertical and horizontal dimensional reading barriers, the guns will spray the powder only in the presence of the objects to be coated.

Vertical Reciprocators

Reciprocators are designed for vertical movement of automatic spray guns. Depending on the desired application, the guns can be configured in both horizontal and vertical positions.

The movement is programmed through an easy-to-use touch screen panel.

Clean Room

Protecting the powder application area with the Euroimpianti clean room makes the work environment cleaner and more performing.

The clean rooms are made with sound-absorbing and heat-insulating EcoFusion panels. They are supplied with access doors, inspection glasses and lighting.