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Thanks to Euroimpianti's research and development, even vertical coating systems today become modular and expandable over time.

Always focused on providing its customers with complete systems that can be adapted to business changes in terms of productivity and delivery speed, Euroimpianti has created the Speed Up series.

Speed Up is a vertical coating system for aluminium profiles completely built with primary quality, standardized and modular components.

Standardization and modularity, both distinctive features for over 45 years in the entire system production of the Euroimpianti company, allow for a containment of starting costs and, at the same time, a rapid customization of the layout and subsequent upgrades.

R&D engineers have focused precisely on the concept of expanding the development of the path of the overhead conveyor: the vertical coating system makes it possible to start with a production capacity equal to x and to be able, in just 48 hours, to double the speed of the m/min routes of the overhead conveyor, obtain thus a production capacity equal to x*2. The modification operation in such a short time is possible because the system is already designed and assembled with the necessary arrangements for subsequent additions, without the need to expand the occupied space.

Let’s try to exemplify with some figures. If the basic level is born with a speed of 0.75 m/min, it will already be set up to reach, with a non-invasive system modification that can be carried out in 48 hours, a speed of 1.5 m/min thus doubling its hourly productivity from 1.5 to 3 tons.

It consists of:

  • pre-treatment tunnel with stainless steel cascade washing system
  • combined drying and curing ovens in carbon steel with rock-wool thermal insulation
  • "Diamond" application booth with quick colour change and high over-spray recovery efficiency
  • overhead conveyor with horizontal loading and unloading benches

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