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  • Industrial coating plant with stepwise movement - Eurocar

Coating process using a stepwise movement.

Eurocar is the industrial coating plant designed for large metal items painting. This semi-automatic painting system is ideal for pieces whose large dimensions are hardly movable by a traditional monorail overhead conveyor. 

The system is composed of two parallel monorails connected together by hangs and it has a shifter for the relocation of metal parts. The system can be realized with three different models of conveyor which differs each other according to the capacity of load. Conveyor moves the parts in automatic mode and stops when it's needed.

Eurocar Standard

The complete Standard system consists of six stations:

When the industrial site is spacious enough, the coating plant is developed in line. Workers hang the metal parts to be painted on the conveyor using forklifts for loading pieces. When the accumulation of metal pieces is done, conveyor transfers them into the phosphodegreasing / rinsing cabin with a stepwise movement. After the washing is finished, the automatic doors open and pieces step forward to the stage of drying, then to the painting in a pressurized booth, and so on through curing, cooling and finally unloading.

Normally, timing of translator is set for moving forward of one stage each 20 minutes. EuroCar  and its entire coating process are operated and controlled through a main switch board with a touch-screen including the possibility to set cycles, predict anomalies, verify consumption and monitor any occurrences.

Eurocar Compact

The complete Compact system consists of eight stations:

If the material of metal surfaces need complex treatment, Eurocar can be completed with more booths for additional treatments. 

Expert advice

One the most important features of this coating equipment is the possibility to paint considerable quantities of items hard to move using a traditional monorail overhead conveyor. In fact, the loading of the pieces on parallel rails allows to safely balance heavy parts up to 300 kg/m.

Moreover, stepwise movement technology is suitable for loading pieces that have different shape, weight and size.


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