Automatic Komby

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Thanks to the trend of industrial automation to integrate new technologies to improve the production quality of the plants, the Komby becomes Automatic.

The Automatic Komby is a coating system configured and designed with the aim of being able to carry out any process at the highest quality.

By combining elements such as pre-treatment spray booths, movable coating booths, drying and polymerization ovens and a hanging system equipped with programmable shifting of the hangers, the system possibilities become endless.

An example of layout is provided below. With this batch coating system you can carry out all the operations of the coating cycle with sequences and customized cycles for any product loaded on the hanger. The cycle consists of:

  • two loading and unloading stations
  • pre-treatment spray booths for an 8-stage washing cycle
  • two drying and polymerization ovens
  • an automatic powder application booth on a movable platform
  • two storage areas 
  • two overhead bridge conveyors for handling the hangers

Designed with the philosophy and design that has always characterized Euroimpianti, the system is modular and expandable. The system can also be integrated with manual washing booths and manual coating booths. 

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