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EuroHorizontal is the ideal system for the horizontal coating of aluminium profiles and other large objects, such as shutters, doors and windows as well as similar metal products.

The peculiarity of this type of installation is that, being equipped with a two-rail overhead conveyor, it makes it possible to vary the hanging pitch and speed between various parts of the line in consideration of the specific work objectives.

Thanks to the use of specifically developed software, despite having variable speeds, the interaction of the circuits and the progress of the loads will be perfectly synchronized.

The complete horizontal systems, with highly customizable process cycles, consist of:

  • pre-treatment tunnel; the washing stages are separated from each other with automatic interstage doors in order to prevent the occurrence of contamination between the different stages of treatment
  • drying oven; with storage area and equipped with automatic entrance and exit doors to avoid unnecessary heat leaks.
  • coating booth; the horizontal system can be configured with one or more automatic or manual booths, according to the production flexibility required.
  • gelling oven or preheating zone; all the pieces, before accessing the curing zone, undergo a pre-gelling phase. This preheating allows to “block” the powder with which the pieces are covered, avoiding thus its dispersion once the pieces enter the ventilated area of the polymerization oven.
  • polymerization oven; hot air ventilated oven with indirect combustion chamber, with internal storage station and automatic inlet and outlet doors.
  • cooling and unloading area, with the possibility of inserting automatic descenders to facilitate the work of the operators.

All our systems are designed in compliance with the provisions of the Qualicoat organization, whose main purpose is to provide best practice rules for obtaining the highest quality surface treatment on aluminium.

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