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Komby is the manual industrial coating system suitable for small productions or retouching, thanks to the possibility of loading different pieces on the overhead conveyor to be treated with different colours.

Extremely adaptable to metal pieces of different sizes, the modularity of its construction components allows the coating system to be revised and modified over time with additional modules.

The possible configurations that can be obtained by combining the different modules of which it is composed are shown below.

Komby Compact

The compact system consists of two modules: 

  • powder coating booth 
  • static polymerization oven

The operator hangs the piece (or pieces) to be treated on the hangers of the overhead conveyor. He will then carry out the application of the powder coat manually on the metal surface by means of electrostatic guns inside the booth. Once prepared, the operator can accumulate and move the pieces in the polymerization oven divided by the coating area with sliding doors.

Komby Standard

The standard system consists of three modules: 

  • washing booth 
  • static drying/curing oven
  • powder coating booth

The operator hangs the piece (or pieces) to be treated on the hangers of the overhead conveyor. In the space dedicated to washing, the operator degreases the pieces that will subsequently be dried in the central oven. At the end of drying process, you can proceed with the application of the coat. Finally the pieces will be repositioned in the oven to complete the process by curing the powder.  

During the washing phase, the area where the operation takes place will be protected by a roll-up curtain to contain splashes.

The overhead conveyor is equipped with sliding hangers. Thanks to its modularity, it can be extended by creating storage, cooling and unloading areas at the ends of the system itself.

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