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  • Compact coating line for aluminium beams - Euroimpianti

Painting in compact mode

EuroCompact is the coating plant for aluminium profiles appropriate where the available space is not very large. The complete system is composed of loading area, shiftable painting booth, curing bell oven, unloading zone.

Configured in this way, the line takes up an area of about 180 square meters (considering painting pieces of 7 meters length). EuroCompact is ideal for those companies that need to coat  aluminium bars already prepared for the application of powder paint or bars that will be pretreated by washing / degreasing tanks system. 

EuroCompact is designed user-friendly: 

Looking at the technical layout, it becomes easy to realize that energy consumption is very low. Energy efficiency is ensured by the absence of thermal power waste and by the special shape of the bell oven with combustion chamber below the active area. 

The working cycle is composed of:

side view

The overhead conveyor is made of two monorails. the drawing shows how the booth shifts and moves from one side to the other one. If it's necessary to paint different colors during the working day, it's possible to add a booth more. In this way, a clean booth is always ready so as to avoid waste of time due to color change operations.

top view


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