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EuroCompact is the system for coating aluminium profiles suitable when you want to maximize the space occupied by the installation. The system is made up of loading, movable coating booth, bell-shaped polymerization oven, unloading area.

The system is suitable for those companies that have to treat aluminium bars or sheets previously pre-treated for coating or to be treated using a washing/degreasing system with immersion tanks.

EuroCompact is a fully automatic, compact and efficient system.

The work cycle consists of:

  • loading area
  • automatic powder coating booth on movable platform
  • Bell-shaped polymerization oven
  • unloading area 
On request, an immersion treatment system with manual or automated overhead bridge conveyor and pit drying ovens can be added to the system.

The technical layout clearly shows how energy consumption is very low. Energy efficiency is achieved thanks to the particular shape of the bell-shaped oven with underlying combustion chamber and the automatic step-by-step movement with storage areas in the various work phases - coating application and surface polymerization.

EuroCompact is user-friendly:

  • the loading and unloading areas are distinct from each other to facilitate the two operations. Both operations take place at man height and with the workpiece hanger in stationary position.
  • the coating booth is placed side by side with the polymerization oven. Equipped with reciprocators with automatic guns, and prepared for any manual retouching actions, the booth rests on a movable platform. It is therefore the booth itself that, sliding on special tracks, advances during the application of the powder along the hanger in order to cover the entire surface of the hanging items
  • The conveyor is composed of two synchronized monorail overhead lines. The load capacity is suitably sized according to the weight of the material hanging from the hanger. The conveyor advances step by step, allowing thus the hangers to stop in the work areas: loading, coating and unloading. 

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