Since 1976 we have been designing, manufacturing and installing industrial coating systems.

We rely upon production plants, sales offices and exclusive distributors located in strategic commercial areas to offer an attentive and complete service to customers in every country. 

Our company is like a family for us, where respect of people, environmental awareness and bold foresightedness are fundamental principles.

All the Euroimpianti staff aims to:

  • continue to invest in research and development to implement new technological solutions
  • build user-friendly machinery whose use minimizes risks and fatigue for operators.
  • improve the quality of production processes by reducing the environmental impact and energy consumption of system management

We take care of each and every discrete project phase: sales, consultancy, executive development, production, installation and testing.

We applied the serial production logic to the individual components of our equipment, in order to build functional systems that are optimally customised to every customer’s discrete needs.

Our work does not end with the delivery of the system. We establish a lasting and continuous relationship with customers, providing them with the best after-sale assistance:

  • maintenance
  • technical advice
  • supply of spare parts
  • staff training