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Always at the forefront with new technologies, the vertical coating systems are designed and produced at Euroimpianti headquarters. Each of our systems is configured and customized according to the quantity of aluminium profiles to be coated and the particular needs of the flow of materials within the production process.

They are built with high quality materials and special attention is placed on energy and thermal savings.

EuroVertical is the ideal solution for those looking for an extremely reliable system with maximum production capacity.

Pretreatment tunnel. With cascade washing technology. Unlike traditional washing ramps with nozzles, the cascades improve the quality of the surface preparation by acting on the entire length of the vertically hung profiles with the same force and with impeccable uniformity.Every detail of the tunnel - length of the stages, tanks and center distances - is designed according to the standards required by the Qualicoat and AAMA chemical treatment cycles. 
On request we can fit our tunnels with chemical-physical treatment systems, demineralization systems, chillers for temperature control, chemical product dosing devices, filtration systems, etc.

Combined drying and polymerization oven. The special configuration of our ovens allows unparalleled thermal savings and completely eliminates the risk of contamination between different powders entering the oven. 
In particular, the inlet and outlet of the oven are always separated from each other so that, precisely where the air flow is greater to contain the heat inside the oven itself, there is no contamination between different production batches.

"Diamond" coating booth. What distinguishes the Euroimpianti application booth is undoubtedly its diamond geometry. Thanks to the perfect symmetry of the components it is made of, profiles of any shape and section can be coated with maximum performance. 
Four opposing reciprocators, special angular gun bodies and a linear path of the conveyor during the coating phase guarantee flexibility and control of the application parameters. 

Monorail overhead conveyor. Totally automated, it is fitted with loading and unloading benches to facilitate the work of the operators, an automatic lubrication system, and a special descender at the end of the process that accompanies the profiles from vertical to horizontal position. We offer conveyors with different load capacities, up to 250 Kg/m.

Together with specialized partners and with our R&D department, the systems are equipped with every accessory to ensure greater quality of treatment and precise and constant control over the operations of the system.

Each component of the system complies with the local regulations of the place of destination of the system and we install the systems on every continent with our specialized and multilingual staff.

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