icon Surface Preparation

Surface pre-treatment is the first step of the process in a complete coating cycle. For good adhesion and coat resistance, the metal substrate must be properly prepared. 

Spray Pre-Treatment

The spray pre-treatment tunnel is the washing system for automatic cycles. The pieces, hung from an overhead conveyor, run through the tunnel and are hit by jets of water charged with specific chemical products by means of spray ramps equipped with nozzles. 
The tunnel can be drawn continuously or in steps.
For maximum effectiveness of the treatment, the design must take into account the application parameters of the chemicals (time and temperature) and the absence of drips between the different washing stages that would otherwise cause unwanted contamination.

Cascade Pre-Treatment

The pre-treatment tunnel is specially designed for the treatment of aluminium profiles through the cascade washing technique. This "cascade" system washes the profiles from above efficiently and reliably and allows for very low energy consumption and excellent surface preparation quality.
The trays that form the cascades, built in stainless steel, are modular and adjustable in height and depth according to the profiles to be treated. Their geometry creates a perfectly vertical cascade along the entire length of the profile and keeps treatment times constant.

Manual washing booths

The washing booths are the ideal space for manual treatment. The booth is an enclosed space with a walkable grilled flooring under which the waste products flow and are collected. The area is fitted with lighting and a suction system.
Washing is carried out manually by means of a water cleaner with a high pressure nebulizer. 

Automatic Washing Booths

The automatic spray washing booths consist of a piece housing area located above the treatment tanks. These booths allow the integration of an automatic pre-treatment cycle in batch coating systems, increasing the quality of the process without sacrificing flexibility.
The objects to be treated are inserted inside the washing stages by means of hangers moved with manual or automatic overhead bridge conveyor.

Eco-Fusion Insulation

By covering the hot stages of the washing tunnel with these panels, a guaranteed thermal energy saving of at least 14% is obtained. 

EcoFusion panels are insulating and sound-absorbing panels, ideal for optimizing the workplace. Made with powder coats, they can be customized with any colour.

Nebula Passivation System

Nebula is integrated in the passivation stage of the pre-treatment tunnels. The system ensures that the piece to be treated is nebulized with a solution with constant chemical qualities and reduces water consumption.

The device is equipped with a chemical product dosing, mixing and control system, an operating system with a touch-screen control panel and ramps with atomizing nozzles.

Demineralization Systems

Demineralization is a water treatment process that eliminates the salts dissolved in the water itself.

The process can be carried out with systems with ion exchange resins, which recycle the washing water and selectively remove the ions from the aqueous solutions. 

Lamellar Oil Separator

This system is ideal for removing dirt and maintaining the quality of the degreasing baths in pre-treatment tunnels operating on several daily shifts. 

The lamellar oil separator separates the oil drops from the treatment bath according to the principle of aggregation/coalescence.

Hot Water Cleanser

Water cleaners are cleaning machines that use the power of high pressure water and temperature to remove grease and oily residues from surfaces.

Supplied with nebulizer with handle and extension.