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UV-IR Cured Powder Coating Plant

Elios is an ecological system for industrial coating that allows powder paint application for all 3D items. Until now, the unique structure of the latter (metal plus heat-sensitive material) imposed an indispensable coating with liquid paint. A patented powder painting equipment provides an opportunity to polymerize paint at very low temperature during an extremely short time without any expenses, related to elimination of waste that can't be avoided when using traditional liquid paint.

The complete technological cycle consist of:

First of all, the part is prepared by washing it in an adequate manner and, after that, it is dried with IR rays. The next step is to place powder with special electrostatic devices thus ensuring a gradual cover of the whole surfaces. The powdered part is transferred from the coating zone to the IR/UV-rays oven. The polymerization process involves two stages: fusion and suture of polymers. The first stage is ensured with IR rays that heat the surface of the part to the adequate temperature, at which the powder begins to fuse and spread gradually. The second stage of processing uses UV rays that ensure necessary sealing and resistance features.


Expert advices

The mentioned advantages become even more relevant if liquid coating process is compared with the UV coating one and if parts to be coated have angular 3D form with inner parts made of heat-sensitive material.

The ideal examples of application are:

Clients, interested in examining in depth applied technology and in evaluating actual quality of the process, could visit our headquarters and see the three painting systems installed in our factory. The UV coating plants are dimensioned in different configurations for different sizes of pieces.

Plants could be used both for tests and for third parties who need to paint their batches. 


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