Speed-up, new concept of vertical painting for aluminum profiles

Thanks to research and development performed by Euroimpianti, nowadays even vertical coating plants become modular and upgradable through time.

With the aim to supply to clients systems that are completely installed and adapted to possible future changes of a Company, also to ensure an optimal efficiency of production and a quick delivery of products, Euroimpianti has released new Speed Up series.

Speed Up is a standardized modular vertical coating plant for aluminum profiles, made of the highest quality components: pre-treatment  tunnel with a combined washing system with both nozzles and cascades of stainless steel, drying and curing oven of carbon steel, rapid color change booth that ensures high recovery efficiency of overspray. Standardization and modular principles, the two distinctive features in the whole production of the Italian company, allow low start-up costs and also a fast customization of layout to individual needs and future development.

Exactly for these reasons, research and development engineers have focused their attention on the possibility to expand the length of overhead conveyor: The new vertical coating plant makes possible to start with a productivity equal to x and, if requires in future, it is possible to double its speed (m/min) and reach a productivity equal to x*2 with only 48 hours for adjustment. Such important changes in such a short time are feasible precisely because the whole painting system is designed and already assembled with the necessary predisposition for supplementary amendments without need of expansion of the occupied area.

Let us give a context to what we just explain. If your “entry level” plant is designed and installed with a speed of 0.75 m/min, it will be already predisposed to reach a speed of 1.5 mt/min with a structural change practicable in 48 hours. Therefore the hourly productivity of coating plant is doubled.

Our purpose is to guarantee our clients, who purchase today an industrial coating plant, to have a complete system that could be classified as a resource of complete return of investment over the time.


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