Profiles Brushing

Eliminating extrusion defects and increasing coat adhesion are the two indisputable qualitative benefits that can be obtained from mechanical treatments.

Euroimpianti presents the fully automatic in-line brushing line for aluminium profiles designed by our internal R&D department. The machine, through a system of brushes, prepares the surface of the profiles by removing the post-extrusion residues and increasing the surface that will be treated by the chemical cycle of the pre-treatment tunnel.

The mechanical surface treatment takes place with the brushing machine inserted in the loading area of the vertical coating system. 

The machine is managed through a PLC, from which the different recipes are programmed by setting each parameter: the rotation speed of the brush, the translation speed and the level of penetration.
The machine can be installed in any existing coating system. In fact, the brushing takes place horizontally and does not require any modification to the pre-existing installation. 

Verona, December 05, 2020