Italian experience, made in Brasil. Euroimpianti doubles itself.

Euroimpianti do Brasil is a new business reality in South America's industrial painting panorama, with production facility established in Icara city, state of Santa Catarina (Brazil) .

Established by Gianluca and Massimo Baruffaldi, owners' of "Euroimpianti Srl"  young company in Brazil refers to experience, gained in more than thirty years of dedication to science researches, projection, manufacturing, selling and exporting own product all over the world and to various sectors of metal industry. 
The company's production covers the whole coating systems' demand of all metal surfaces and satisfies any products performance needs.  Production facility covers an area of 1500 square meters, where are machine-tools for slab treatment from cutting to welding, interior plant for product finishing and spear parts storage room .

Euroimpianti do Brasil aims to become one of key points in South America by exporting what always guaranteed success - the logic of modularity, projection standardization and flexibility at the same time, so that the client always would get a product adjusted to ones needs, installed quickly and with emergency warranty.


Euroimpianti is always available for any information request, free quotation and inspection.

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