Italian experience made in Brasil

Euroimpianti do Brasil is a new entrepreneurial reality in the panorama of industrial coating in South America, with production site in Içara in the state of Santa Catarina (Brazil).

Born from the desire for development of Gianluca Baruffaldi and Massimo Baruffaldi, owners of the Italian Euroimpianti Srl, the newborn Brazilian company leverages on the expertise acquired in over thirty years of research, design, production, sale and export of its products all over the world and in various industrial metal sectors.

The production is able to cover the request for coating systems for any metal surface and for any need for productivity capacity. The production department covers an area of 1500 square meters: machine tools for processing sheet metal from cutting to welding, an internal coating system for finishing, a warehouse for spare parts.

Euroimpianti do Brasil aims to become a point of reference for all of South America, exporting what has always been the key to its success: the logic of modularity and standardization applied to design. This allows to provide customers with a customized product, that be quickly installed and guaranteed by prompt assistance.

Verona, March 30, 2013